Customize rotational mould

We Vishnu fabricators is India based company manufacy and exporter of Rotomoulding and rotataional moulding machinery , rotataional moulds, blow moulds , Investment die casting moulds.

Plastic moulds because of high quality products , Vishnu fabricators has achieved important progress in the industry .

We thanks to our expert dedicated team , who try to create completely perfect range of plastic products for a worldwide market.

We can deliver  : All types of customize rotational mould
Mould’s material : Stationless steel or mild steel
Material’s thinkness : 2 mm ( 14 SWG )
Clamping way : Yes
Inside finishing : Mirror finishing
Corrosion proof : Yes

Delivery time : within 30 days then depend on quantity


• All Moulds will be made from original Staionless steel with 2 mm (14 gauge ) thickness which is highly recommended for roto application as stationless steel is easily bendable , easy to make any designs, soft to work, easy and faster polishing.

• We shall start work only after approval of autocad Drgs from customer. All Moulds will be provided min. 10 mm redius during fabrication. All sharp corners will be avoided.

• Design will be made such that first the product would be released from the bottom portion. So whole piece can be removed easily from mould.

• We are responsible for good quality Mould as per product selected. We are not responsible for product design or any product. The resultant product or any issue related to end product is the entire responsibility of the customer. NO claim can be made for same.
We shall offer all Moulds for inspection as per Drgs approved by customer. WE shall simply support if required to produce sample as a special case . It will be charged Rs, 200/ kgs of sample production.

Finally Moulds will be painted by enti corrosion and heat resistive paint.

• Moulds tolerance will remain as follows : Dimensions from 0 to 500 mm : +/ – 0.5 % , 500 to 1000 mm : + / – 0.40 % , from 1000 mm onwards : +/ – 0.3 %

We shall offer best quality Moulds. Moulds will be made looking to rotomolding lldpe grade material only. In case if any other grade material bening used , we shall not responsible for points , issues related to end product, product quality or appearance, piece removal or high heating time. Etc.

• Parting lines will be made from properly leveled and machined flat bars OR form plate. It should be without undercuts or properly matched with set pins.
All the welded joints will be properly finished as same as mould surface

• No dent, scratches or hammer marks will be observed.
• Mirror polished inside mould surface.

• We shall provide threaded man hole ring as per Plastic Lid selected by customer. Price of threaded ring will be charged extra. Customer has to supply sample Plastics Lid once order is confirmed.

• All the moulds will be offered for inspection by your authorized person at our works prior to dispatch.

• Fast release toggle clams will be supplied on request at extra cost. They are not included in mould price as standard scope.