Close Oven Rock N Roll Rotataional Moulding Machine Capacity Upto 10000 Litre

This is one of the best rotomoulding machine for a highly recommend by regular customer for making a upto 10000 litre ‘s water storage tank in law investment.

Rock “N” Roll machines are typical & recognized method of procedure that is super easy and low-cost water tank making machines. It can be used for creating storage tanks in a number of different shapes and sizes. 

Close Oven Rock “N” Roll Machine 
is Similar to Open Flame Rock “N” Roll MachineThe main difference between Open Fire and Close oven is the Close Body of Machine so it is also said as Close Fire Rock and Roll Machine. This type of Rock and Roll Machine is more energy-efficient than Open Fire Rock and Roll Machine.

We at VISHNU FABRICATORS offer the Close oven Rock and Roll Machines with an insulated outer surface is done to collect heated air at the inner side of the Machine that helps for better output and lower fuel consumption compare to Open Fire Rock “N” Roll Machine.


  • Oven heated by LPG by shifting nozzle and gas firing system.
  • Centrifugal blower run by fractional HP, TEFC Motor to provide air for consumption of the gas.
  • High Voltage Transformer To Ignite Pilot Burner.
  • Control panel with controls and switchgear available on mild steel.
  • Less installation area.
  • Lowest maintenance cost.




  • Lowest fuel consumption.
  • Gives even thickness.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Gas fired system with fully automatic protection controller.
  • Lowest maintenance cost.
  • User friendly option.
  • Less installation area.