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Canada PR Program

Owner Operator with LMIA
Canada is the most popular country among immigrants.  Immigrant friendly policies and people, growing economy, plenty of natural resources, clean environment, great standard of living and good income are some of the driving factors which are encouraging millions of people to apply for residency.
Owner Operator LMIA is the pathways for business leaders, entrepreneurs, senior managers and individuals who can demonstrate their ability to operate business in Canada.
Who is eligible?
Entrepreneurs, senior managers and independent business owners with good English, qualification, experience and net worth (at least CAD 250000).
How does it work?
Applicant needs to propose a business in Canada by presenting detailed business plan to Service Canada. Based on this plan and interview taken by Service Canada, candidate is given LMIA relevant NOC.
In some cases applicant need to demonstrate prior investment or strong intent to invest upon landing in Canada either on work permit or PR. Once satisfied, Service Canada issues positive LMIA under relevant NOC, valid for six months. Also note that applicant’s ownership in proposed Canadian business should not be less than 51%.
Work permit
Applicant can apply for two years of work permit with the help of positive LMIA. While main applicant can get closed work permit and start working on presented business plan, spouse can obtain open work permit and can work anywhere.
There are multiple ways through which applicant can get PR after receiving positive LMIA.
1. Through Express Entry
If applicant is eligible to make Express Entry profile, he or she can add up to 200 points (NOC 0–0) in his or her CRS score.
1. After landing on work permit
After working for one year in Canada, one can apply under Canadian Experienced Class (CEC). Also spouse can become main applicant if his or her profile is eligible under any of the PR programs (federal and provincial).
Is this the right program for you?
Owner Operator LMIA is small investment program which can give you work permit and PR.
No minimum investment compulsion.
Being a federal program there’s no restriction on location.
ownership has to be 51%
One can invest in existing business or new venture
In Owner Operator LMIA, Our process is transparent, speedy and professional.  We help you with…
In depth assessment
Due diligence
Business plan preparation
Legal compliances such as registration and lease
Sourcing and selecting business
Interview training
PR/work permit filing