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Evokar is an experimental and innovative studio brand. Studio brand means that most of the design and production processes are done within the studio and also that the designer and the producer roles are inter-changeable. It also allows for material and form experimentation from which the products eveolve.

Evokar wants to create an environment of co-creation where all the people in the process are involved in the thinking and the making. Also have a studio environment in which other practitioners can come and experiment furthering the collaborative possibilities. Evokar is also very conscious of its foot print and is looking at ways in which it can better manage its material and resource use. Our paper works are all made from recycled paper, all the paper waste becomes pulp. The resin works all have another recycled-reused material mixed with it. We are furthering the design possibilities such that soon we can proudly state that all our products have been made from reused-recycled materials. Even our packaging we are trying to come with a plastic-less design possibility. In the future we will also be offering an exchange scheme so that any thing that is produced by us does not get thrown away, we will take it back and recycle it.We are constantly trying to push ourselves as designers and concerned world citizens.
  • Material & Size
  • Assembly
  • Care & Cleaning
  • Process
The minimalism of basic design imagined as wall mounted lights. These straight lines and primary colours are able to extended the design narrative of most spaces. Sometimes adding the needed colour to otherwise monospaces.
Material - Steel sheet, steel studs & LED strips.
Size - 12” x 12” each 
The work comes with an assembly print. Hold the print against the wall, make sure it is aligned to the different surfaces and drill holes for the screws where it is marked out. The work comes with screws for assembly and a drill bit.
The Elemental series is the easiest to maintain. It should be wiped with wet cloth and a dry cloth after to not leave any water marks. Just be careful of not scratching the surface. 
This series began with basic design exercises and further went into material explorations which led to them being made in corean which gives it the flat paint and draw feel. The different colour are cut and attached together by hand.

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